Late Model Gulfstream availability

Aviatrade has been offered quite a number of off-market, nearly new G450′s in the past few weeks. Some brokers have seen deals ‘blow-up’….thereby creating opportunities for quick access to this still-hot sector. Apparently even a couple of Russian buyers got cold feet.

Two 2011 models with very low hours can be bought in the low-$30MM’s…both forward and aft galley are available.

There’s even a brand new 2012 model that can be bought in the mid $30MM’s…….whilst this is the same price as a new factory G450, clearly the immediate access and instant operation are worth a premium, provided that the interior is attractive (and this can quickly be remedied if anything is not quite right).

Similarly, a couple of “hot-ticket” G550′s have come our way…one is a September/October brand new delivery. Natrually, calls to the Gulfstream factory in Georgia will not uncover this opportunity because position owners do not want ‘Savannah’ to know their business. The same goes for a Gulfsteam G650 position that we can offer directly from a cooperative seller.

There are still plenty of Gulfstreams available in the pre-owned publicly available listings.

Gulfstream IV/IVSP are feeling lots of market pressure and prices show no signs of improving. This is definitely a market where a discerning buyer will score a big hit in terms of value for money. However, these jets must be carefully evaluated, but some forensic records work and a tightly focused pre purchase inspection will pretty much guarantee that a “discount Rolls-Royce” will be available in the hangar.

The Gulfstream GV is also feeling some pain, whereas only a few months ago, brokers were licking their chops over the selling possibilities……demanding silly high $20MM prices  for nearly twenty year old jets.

More on the other brands shortly, meanwhile we’d like to hear from anyone who is eager to buy any of the aforementioned jets.

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