Pre-owned aircraft market and new aircraft positions

Last Fall we acquired a Gulfstream G550 for a client. This was, (by necessity) an off-market transaction….(the seller was the daughter of one or another of the Russian oligarchs).
Since that time we’ve watched the uptick of G550 availability and almost across the board in the ultra-long-range aircraft category.
G550, Global Express and Falcon 900EX have all become more plentiful on the pre-owned market (fifteen G550′s at last count) and this of course means good deals for buyers. We are seeing early-model G550′s that can be acquired for less than what appears to be the top of the pre-owned G450 market.
Gulfstream GIV’s and GIVSP’s are plentiful and very much in a buyers’ market, but with not too many good GIV/SP’s in the mix. GIVSP’s have trebled in availability since last Fall. Some of this availability is probably due to anticipated owner replacement/upgrade aircraft but we doubt that fifteen G550 sellers are all moving up to G650 or across to Global Express XRS’s.
Other segments of the market have shown similar increases in availability with Challenger 604′s and 605′s also very soft. Same goes for Challenger 300 and thereon down the cabin size/performance chain.
Falcons (2000′s/900B’s) are in a buyers’ market and will stay there for the foreseeable future.
Many older models have reached the point where the mantra is “buy it, fly it, scrap it”….all Spey-engined Gulfstreams, early Lears, early Challengers etc will all be retired as they reach critical inspections and engine limits.

Aviatrade has good access to numerous positions for Gulfstream G650, G550, G450, Global XRS, Global 5000 and Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000LX and Challenger 605, but as always, these positions are in demand and buyers should be prepared to act quickly and decisively in order to be the early-bird catching the worm.
So let’s go hunting…..for aircraft !

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