R. Allen Stanford suffers same fate as one of his previously-owned Gulfstream IV’s

Apparently Allen Stanford will not be needing any private jet transportation in the foreseeable future (he was recently convicted in $7BB ponzi scheme).¬†Coincidentally, one of the two GIV’s that he acquired in late 2004 also suffered a ‘crash and burn‘ last month in the D.R. Congo.

Back in 2005, Aviatrade was supervising an interior refit for a client’s recently acquired Gulfstream IV in Dallas at Akridge Aircraft Interiors. When I asked about the two additional GIV’s in the Akridge hangar, Leo Akridge (owner) commented that they belonged to a “bank guy named Allen Stanford and money is no object on these interiors”…..I thought about this strange juxtaposition for a second and said to Leo “this guy is stealing money…there’s no way he’s legit”. To this day Leo Akfridge recalls that conversation …..and lo and behold, here we are seven years later.

My suspicion was confirmed on a trip to Antigua in 2007….Stanford Financial had a bank headquarters building on the Antigua airport perimeter road which put the Holmby Hills Spelling mansion to shame for its pure unadulterated ostentation……”bank” ?…..more like “piggy bank” !

As for the demise of the Gulfstream IV….apparently no-one told this crew that you can’t land a GIV when there’s only 33% of a 2000m strip remaining ahead the jet….as we said in the fighter jet world “there’s nothing more useless than fuel used, air above you and runway behind you“.

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